Left Bank

Creating a new restaurant space


CBRE Global Investors


Spinningfields, Manchester



cropped leftbank

Left Bank

Urbanise was commissioned to undertake a strip out project involving the merging of two hospitality units, B5 and B6, located at Left Bank on the River Irwell in Spinningfields, Manchester’s prestigious dining and shopping destination. The primary goal was to create a single, larger unit to accommodate a new tenant’s leasing and fit out requirements.

From two to one

We took several steps to transform the two separate units into a unified space ready for reletting and refitting. We removed the dividing wall between units B5 and B6 to create a seamless, spacious unit. We then carefully dismantled and removed existing fixtures and fittings, leaving the space as a blank canvas for future customisation.

Project challenges

The hospitality units are situated directly beneath Left Bank apartments, which meant a considered approach was required to minimise disruption to the residents. We adjusted our working hours to socially acceptable times, modified our construction methods to reduce noise, and maintained regular communication with the property managers to keep the residents informed about the ongoing work.

The project site had limited accessibility due to its position on a small, tight road. Storage space for materials and waste was also scarce. To address these issues, we worked closely with the Spinningfields estate team. We paid for the removal of several bollards to allow access for smaller vehicles, and we implemented a schedule for material drop-offs and waste collection, preventing the requirement for on-site storage which would affect the estate’s visual appeal.

Supporting Spinningfields’ letting process

Despite these challenges, the project was a success, enabling our client to swiftly turn over and let the unit. The newly integrated unit was leased to a restaurant owner almost immediately after its transformation.

Our team’s performance earned further trust from the client, leading to subsequent projects on the Spinningfields estate. This included another strip out of the same unit following the new tenant’s departure and a strip out of the HSBC unit at 4 Hardman Square.