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At Urbanise, we’ve had the privilege of bringing various office design concepts to life for businesses across different sectors, including professional service brands like Sedulo and Beevers and Struthers. All of which have shared a common end goal – improving happiness in the workplace. Here, we explore several invaluable ways in which a carefully considered office design and fit out can contribute to success.

Investing in an office fit out was a game changer for Sedulo

A positive workplace environment plays a crucial role in talent retention and growth. One client who has seen great success from investing in a bespoke and unique office space fit out is Sedulo. The Managing Partner of this well-established accountancy firm, Paul Cheetham-Karcz, has always considered office space a key element in achieving growth, which saw the business increase turnover by £1.3 million within the first 12 months of moving to Regency Court in Manchester city centre.

Here we delve further into the topics which were fundamental to Sedulo’s success, all aligned to their goal of creating world class office environments.

Employee happiness and satisfaction

The vision for Sedulo offices were inspired by a multitude of spaces including a digital marketing agency in Stockholm, where Paul was advisor, Google’s Head Office in Dublin and a boutique hotel in Barcelona. From the smell of the candles, bar like kitchen area and named rooms in the digital marketing agency, to the relaxed and buzzing atmosphere in the hotel, Paul wanted to create a space different to the usual accountancy firms.

“In the early stages, I took the team on a holiday to Barcelona and in the hotel, I remember looking around the room and thinking everyone was having such a great time and interacting with other departments, so I wanted to take that and bring it to the centre of Manchester. A space for people to work and communicate.”

A well-designed and comfortable office space plays a significant role in enhancing employee satisfaction. According to Deloitte, the C-suite’s role in wellbeing, 68% of employees state that improving their wellbeing takes priority over advancing their career.

Productivity and engagement

Sedulo’s innovative design mitigates stress in a high-pressure environment and provides areas such as a lush rooftop, a bar, and breakout spaces that encourage relaxation.

“If you’re trying to create an organisation that’s world class, you’ve got to create a world class environment for the team to operate. I think it’s our responsibilities as owners to create the environment for excellence to flourish. And that’s what we do in our spaces.”

Thoughtfully designed office spaces that promote collaboration, creativity, and focus can have a huge impact on productivity and engagement levels.

Collaborative working

Paul has a unique vision for transforming ordinary environments into vibrant and positive atmospheres that are conducive to communication. At Sedulo, the creation of their open floor plan, communal areas, and shared spaces promotes interaction and communication. This collaborative atmosphere not only enhances knowledge sharing but also fuels innovation and talent growth within the business.

Talent attraction

Sedulo’s facilities, including dedicated breakout areas and an outdoor events space with a bar, contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. This work-life balance approach plays a crucial role in talent attraction and retention, as it appeals to professionals seeking a thriving professional and social environment attracting the next generation of talent.

“We want the best talent moving into our cities. If you’re new to Manchester, we’re the best place for them because they know that they’re not just going to be here working in a nine to five environment as the space lends itself to socials like Friday night drinks. We use the office space to attract the top talent from outside the city which is one of our recruitment strategies.”

Research published by Gallup highlights that 51% of employees are looking for a new job. Businesses fostering a positive workplace culture which improves wellbeing and provides opportunity to grow are more likely to attract and sustain talent.

Customer acquisition and retention

The creation of Regency Court in Manchester City Centre contributed to a whopping £1.3 million increase in turnover within the first 12 months and a headcount growth of 30 employees for Sedulo. The business embraces the high footfall in the city centre by hosting regular industry and social events to develop strong relationships and attract new prospects.

“When we first moved into the space, there was a guy in the room who came to watch the England vs. Wales game and he subsequently said ‘I’m going to start my own business doing funding and banking. But this is a cool brand and I wonder if we can do something together.’ His organisation now has revenue of £3 million and I wouldn’t have known him if it wasn’t for the space.”

If you’re considering an office fit out project, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

Sedulo projects

To date, we’ve completed fit outs at Walker House, Regency Court and St Paul’s House for Sedulo.